Ice Spice is one of the most talked-about celebrities of the year, having burst onto the scene in 2022 with her surprise hit Munch (Feelin’ U) and continuing her rollercoaster career by — among other things — appearing alongside Taylor Swift in their single ‘Karma.’ Famed for her relaxed rapping style and now-iconic flame-haired pixie cut, during her whirlwind rise to fame, the star has become almost as notable for her style choices as she has for her musical talents. These photos of Ice Spice with and without makeup show what they look like with no makeup compared to their signature style.

Ice Spice with no makeup

The above photo shows Ice Spice without makeup. The picture isn’t dated, though it appears to show the rapper wearing the same pink wig she posted in a series of images from back in 2021. The image was shared by the X (formerly known as Twitter) account @DailyLoud, with it racking up over 100,000 likes since the time of this writing.

It’s unclear when the fresh-faced makeup-free image was posted, though it’s likely at least a couple of years old at this point — however, given that Ice Spice really only burst onto the scene in late 2022, the image has only gained traction this year.

Ice Spice with makeup

The above photo shows Ice Spice wearing makeup. This makeup style is typical for the musician, as she is usually seen matching her famous ginger ringlets with orange eyeshadow — the rapper also mixed it up in celebration of the Barbie movie, grabbing headlines after donning pink eyeshadow instead.

Ice Spice is known for wearing about-face’s Matte Fluid Eye Paint, as previously described by her long-time makeup artist Karina Milan (via Instagram). This pigmented saturated liquid eye color is available in a variety of colors, including Ice Spice’s usual orange look — though Milan has confirmed that the pink ‘On Pointe’ is one of Ice Spice’s favorite shades.

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