We don’t know where you’ve been if you didn’t already know Balenciaga had transported us to Los Angeles, California for the unveiling of their Fall 2023 (aka Pre-Fall 2024) collection. Staged December 2, on one bright Saturday afternoon on the oak-lined Windsor Boulevard, Demna’s interpretation of the City of Angels (inspired by the quintessential LA lifestyle) ranged from casual everyday looks to full-on red carpet glamour, with Nicole Kidman (as a newly-minted Balenciaga brand ambassador) sat perched front row to complete the buzz-worthy affair. As the iconic Hollywood sign made for the perfect backdrop, Cardi B and Brigitte Nielsen made surprise appearances on the runway and a surprise collaboration with celeb-approved supermarket Erewhon reared its head too.

Scroll further for how the unfiltered members of theFashionSpot forums felt about Demna’s latest offering for the fabled French fashion house:

“Demna’s point of view has not evolve after all these years. It’s boring. Provoke me to feel something about your clothes like you did with that Wall Street collection. His vision is already a parody of what fashion has become, so why go for the most obvious points of LA culture? You are cheapening Balenciaga even more. I mean Juicy Couture-inspired track suits? So 2017.” [ghostwriter10549]

“The trap beat makes this even more obnoxious and ugly than it already it is…” [disco94]

“How can a house go from being the pinnacle of Parisian haute couture to encapsulating literally everything that is wrong with the industry? How does this happen? Who allowed this to happen?” [gallianostan]

“So bad. Seriously, what happened to this brand?” [Ruito]

“Very weak collection. Demna’s talent has proven to be limited unfortunately, unless he’s so drowned in his own gimmicks that he doesn’t allow himself to move forward.” [WAVES]

“Yuck, what a mess! Some of the looks are so-bad copies of Chanel, Alexandre Vauthier and Versace. And those massive trainers, ugh..” [Mayaan]

“Does he think he’s clever? He really can’t be this delusional at this point in his career that he thinks this is landing. Is he aware of how predictable he is? Anyone could have guessed that this is exactly what his LA collection would have looked like.” [lookatme]

“This collection is as tired as am I watching those repetitive ideas season after season.” [Mrs.T]

See all the looks from the Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2024 collection and join the conversation, here.

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