After the release of such a delightful and utterly stunning Kaia Gerber cover, we had a hunch that D la Repubblica’s September issues were to be the gift that keeps on giving – and we were right! The Italian magazine will deliver us not one but a total of five celebratory fashion-filled issues this month and the second features none other than modeling royalty and firm forum fave Linda Evangelista. In the midst of the comebacks of ALL comebacks, the industry icon appears before the lens of Robin Galiegue and dressed by stylist Jacob K, sports a mashup of Valentino, Balmain and The Row as she dashes across the studio in the black and white cover image (below). For the second and equally as divine aternative cover (after the jump), Linda stares down Galiegue’s lens wearing Issey Miyke.

Needless to say, members of our forums were left in absolute awe. “The winner of all her covers this month! Dare I say it looks better than Meisel. Stunning work!” heralded Benn98.
“I’m crying! Stunning!” exclaimed versustito.
“This is fantastic! Seeing so much of Linda after the brief initial comeback last year is such a treat. She looks great and the photos are very classic and beautiful,” aracic admired.
“The simplicity of this is really beautiful,” chimed in Cocteau Stone.
Sharing the same attitude toward the outcome was Lola701: “Fantastic! Stunning! This is an iconic cover, and just by looking at it you know it will stand the test of time!”
“For me…this is the BEST of the September covers,” declared justaguy.

Need we say more? Linda’s cover feature is a total feast for the eyes.
Check it out and share your own thoughts with us, here.

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By Peter