Here at theFashionSpot, we have an army of dedicated and loyal fashion fans. There is simply no one louder in showing their love and support for Linda Evangelista, however, than versustito. A self-confessed Linda-holic, Hector resides within the city of Valparaiso, Chile and is in possession of over 15,000 images of the supermodel within his personal archives, having collected avidly for years. A forum member since April 2006, the vast majority of Hector’s 10,811 (…and counting) posts consist of updates inside Linda Evangelista‘s thread over on tFS Forums, uploading both current content while managing to unearth and share some real hidden gems from Linda’s immense and impressive body of work. Hector also runs a dedicated Linda Evangelista fan page on Instagram – which is an absolute must-follow.


You can imagine Hector’s sheer delight when the super of all supermodels made a grand return to the spotlight back in 2022, surfacing as the face of a Fendi Baguette advertising campaign, which was swiftly followed up with a sensational British Vogue cover and an appearance closing out Fendi’s Resort 2023 show in New York, which officially cemented the much-welcomed return of the industry icon. This year, with the release of the highly-anticipated AppleTV+ documentary, Linda joined her fellow modeling peers on the covers of both American and British Vogue for September, has made magic with photographers Steven Meisel and Robin Galiegue for WSJ. Magazine and D la Repubblica respectively, has starred in a Zara advertising campaign and we simply cannot forget Evangelista’s megawatt appearance at Vogue World: London and in addition to an extensive retrospective book in collaboration with Steven Meisel.


In the spirit of the comeback of the decade, we decided to fire some quick questions Hector’s way:
theFashionSpot: Hello Hector! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. To start, what is your earliest memory of Linda Evangelista?
Hector: My earliest memory is from August 1995, when I found a magazine in an aunt’s house, and I saw Linda for the very first time. It was a photo from the Chanel show, and on the next page Linda was with a different haircut and color. At the end of the magazine, I saw an advertisement and Linda had yet another different haircut and color, and for me it was impressive she was able to work and rock so many different looks.
I, a 15-year-old [at the time] young gay boy, immediately saw Linda’s different looks and how beautiful she was. I felt like I was discovering the world of fashion, fashion magazines, supermodels and Linda herself all within an instant.
tFS: Hector, what do you believe sets Linda aside, from the rest of her modeling peers like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell?
H: Linda is professional, she is respectful, she is punctual, she is not a diva, she makes a connection with the photographer and the whole team, to ensure a superb end result. She knows her value, she is unique – I could go on and on.
Linda is a true chameleon, her unique hairstyles separated her from the others. She adapts to the climate, time, space – you can see her in China in a rice field, in Egypt on a bicycle, in Chile wearing traditional clothing, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest posing, and always giving her best.
tFS: What’s your most favorite of fashion shows in which Linda has walked?
H: Spring/summer 1995! This tulle and feather dress designed by John Galliano! She closed the show with this beautiful yellow dress that she called the happy dress: an iconic Linda moment.


tFS: And may we ask what’s your favorite fashion photograph of Linda, if you could possibly select just one?
H: It’s from a US Vogue editorial from the December 1993 issue, on its trip to China. Linda is dressed in white, floating on a bamboo raft while photographed by Arthur Elgort. It’s sublime.


tFS: Linda have over 700 magazine covers tucked up inside her portfolio. What’s your favorite fashion magazine cover with Linda, and why?
H: Vogue Korea’s August 1996 cover! See her asymmetrical face, her hairstyle, her clothes, to me she looks so beautiful. I also see fashion, style, glamour – it is the most perfect cover.
tFS: Linda and photographer Steven Meisel have the most amazing working relationship. What’s Your favorite moment between Linda and Steven Meisel?
H: The cover of Vogue Italia’s May 2012 with Meisel. I feel a complicity between both of them, Linda dancing to the rhythm of the mambo and Steven photographing every movement flawlessly. I have always said Linda + Meisel = perfection.
tFS: What has been your favorite moment of Linda’s recent comeback, and why?
H: The Fendi Baguette campaign, which welcomed Linda back with sheer glory and majesty. I knew it was the beginning and that she would not stop with the help of her friends within the world of fashion .


tFS: On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you that Linda Evangelista has now made a return to modeling?
:! I am very excited and happy for her and for everything she can give to us and the fashion industry again.
tFS: Hector, it has been so fascinating talking with you. To conclude, what would you like to see Linda do next, within the world of fashion?
H: I dream of seeing her closing a Versace show. Donatella always gives us surprises, and Linda is part of the Versace family. It would be wonderful to see her walk and appear in one of the advertising campaigns.
tFS: Here’s to that, Hector! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

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