Per is definitely the baker of the family. He whipped up this apple and cinnamon pie with apples from our neighbour’s garden – it tasted divine! 

I picked up the ceramic bowl at Mölle Krukmakeri in nearby Kullaberg and the candle holder was made by a local ceramicist. 

We recently swapped out the faux brass handles from IKEA for these solid brass knobs (I was fortunate enough that it was part of an instagram collaboration last week). They’ve made a difference to the entire experience of the kitchen. 

I’ve noticed that one of the most important investments in the kitchen are the items you touch: handles, taps, utensils etc. Do you agree? 

I love bringing in Autumn foliage! At the back you can see The Little Swedish Kitchen cookbook, which was a present from my Mother. I dip into it all the time! 

Hooks are so useful in the kitchen (these wooden ones are from H&M Home) – the display here is forever changing too.

When we renovated the kitchen, the curtain was the last thing to be installed. My mother-in-law was a bit unsure to begin with but she’s really grown to love the way it billows in the wind and creates a sense of drama and privacy even when the door is open. 

We’re lucky enough to have a huge stack of firewood in the garage (last winter there was a shortage due to the rising price of electricity!), it’s looking the same for this year. 

I hope you like these touches. 

Have you also updated your home for the season? If so, I’d love to hear how!

Feel inspired by other Autumnal homes here: 

What are you up to this weekend? We’re heading to Västerås for Allie’s gymnastics competition. I’m so excited as I love to watch her and her team do their gymnastics. I’ve never been to the Swedish city before either so I hope I’ll have some time to explore! 

Trevlig helg! Have a fabulous weekend! 


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