Apple usually makes my job easy. As e-commerce editor, I help seek out the best deals on the best kit for digital creatives, then tell you guys about it. When it comes to Apple, it’s often felt like shooting fish in a barrel. New iPad Pro out? Once I’ve got my hands on it and made sure the specs match hands-on experience, I can tell our digital artist readers that it’s the best tablet out there. A MacBook Pro release? We get it in and all coo over another potential best laptops for graphic designers, and how Apple continues to raise the bar with its latest chip set… well, that was until the M3 Pro.

There’s something a little fishy going on with the latest pro laptops from Apple – enough for me to point 2D creatives to seek the best MacBook Pro M2 prices instead. Lifting the hood, looking at the price options and comparing them to the previous M2 options, you quickly realise that the new MacBook Pros are no longer aimed at the largest number of creatives possible. Instead, with the M3 MacBooks Apple has hobbled 2D creatives such as video editors, leading them to get the more expensive models to get what they want, while charging them more money for tech they probably don’t need. And that’s a little maddening.