Social media provides a way for illustrators, graphic designers and other creatives to make their work known. From Instagram, which started as a photo sharing app but now puts the focus on Stories and Reels (short videos) to TikTok, a video-based app with a younger core audience that allows users can ‘remix’ and respond to other people’s content, and the suddenly popular Cara app, there are plenty of choices.

We all know that social media has positive and negative sides, but most creatives will want at least one social platform to help showcase their creative work. Right now, X (formerly Twitter) is problematic and awash with spambots, Facebook is struggling to attract the Gen Z audiences many of you are targeting, YouTube is less important for most designers, and LinkedIn can be cringe-inducing for its inspirational posts and echo chamber feel. That leaves Instagram and TikTok as the main options for most creatives to reach non-creatives.


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