‘Have a break, have a…’ Wait, what? If you happen to have blinked (or just haven’t opened TikTok recently, you might have missed the fact that a KitKat smoothered in Heinz Tomato Ketchup is apparently the gastronomic trend of the month. And neither Heinz nor Nestlé is complaining. In fact, they’re wholeheartedly encouraging the crime against taste buds.

The brands have teased a KitKat’chup flavour KitKat on Instagram, and they’ve even been forcing their employees to try the unlikely combination. The response shows how brands can take advantage of exposure from a spontaneous viral trend if they act fast, but it’s a tricky game to play. Some people are confused about whether KitKat’chup is a real product, and those unfamiliar with the viral trend are doubly baffled.


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