The ImagineFX Art Challenge is back! Every month, we plan to set you a new theme to spur your artistic skills, starting off with the Challenge: character redesign.

The brief, which you can read below, gives you the flavour for the Challenge, but all the details and tools are left up to you, as the we want to encourage everyone to get involved, no matter your style. We can’t wait to see what you create!

After tallying up the votes, the theme you chose is Character Redesign!

Redesign or reimagine a character from a video game in your artistic style. Put a unique spin on a familiar character, exploring new interpretations and visual concepts. This will be classified as fan art.

A selection of artworks will be chosen from the entries to be featured in the magazine. But remember, there are no winners or losers in this Challenge – it’s all about participation and enjoying the creative journey!