I’ll be honest – I didn’t really like the Hinomi X1 ergonomic chair the first time I sat on it. I wasn’t won over by the style, so when I wasn’t able to get it to fit my needs immediately, I admit I got a little frustrated. Having sorted out those niggles, and after several months of using it as my primary office chair, I’ve warmed to it a great deal. But it’s still not perfect. 

The question is, is it perfect for you and your specific needs? Reviewing a chair can be very subjective, but I’ve tried my best to give an honest review of this capable chair with as many users in mind as possible. Retailing at $999, but available for $699 from the Hinomi website, the X1 should deliver in all the right categories you’d expect to make it one of the best office chairs for back pain. But does it? Let’s get into it…  

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Features: Two-part adjustable back
Row 1 – Cell 0 Tucked away leg rest
Row 2 – Cell 0 Adjustable lumbar support
Row 3 – Cell 0 Seat depth adjustment
Row 4 – Cell 0 Hydraulic gas lift
Row 5 – Cell 0 Adjustable head rest
Row 6 – Cell 0 Adjustable armrests
Max load: 330lbs
Item weight: 73lbs
Seat to head height: 24.6-33.7-inches
Backrest height: 24.4-inches
Armrest height: 26.8-32.7-inches
Seat width: 19.7-inches