While generative AI can produce images with superficial visual appeal, especially to those who haven’t seen much AI art, they tend to fall apart under closer inspection. Elements are assembled almost randomly, and the overall image lacks the meaning, coherence and intention that can only come from a human artist.

A way artists can fight back against generative AI is to lean into the things that only a human can do, for example using narrative to capture emotion, and convey something personal about themselves in their work. (Check out our collection of the best digital art software and drawing tablets to optimise your art journey).

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Titus Lunter

Titus Lunter has been an illustrator and concept artist since 2009. Since then he’s worked on many products and IP’s such as Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons and a whole bunch of video games. His main specialty is world building and environmental storytelling.

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Amanda “A.J.” Ramsey

A J Ramsey (Amanda) is a watercolor illustrator based in Dallas, Texas with her husband and dog. She has a strong passion for fantasy, tarot and mythology. Her art style is symbolism, representing the somber side of figures from mythology, folklore and fantasy. Currently she has been creating illustrations for tarot decks and working on a personal projects.

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Kim Myatt

Kim is an artist from a quiet seaside town in Wales. Her work reflects her love of nature and the folklore stories she grew up with. Kim makes cosy videos on her YouTube channel, sharing her life as an artist. She has worked on book covers, games, films, and comics.

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Eleonor Piteira

Eleonor is a freelance illustrator based near Lisbon, Portugal. She specialise in character-driven artwork and enjoys creating illustrations that are rich in symbolism, featuring mysterious and elegant characters. Her style is defined by a mixture of realistic rendering, stylised shapes, and bold iconographic elements.