I really like this little chair – though it is far from perfect, and available only in the UK. There are chairs that I review that feel ideally engineered; I feel supported and comfortable no matter what sitting position I’m in (I’m looking at you, Embody). This is not that chair. It is comfortable, and it’s got a little lumbar support too, but the main appeal is that it’s an enjoyable chair to use and move around, due to its lightness. It also looks cool, and for the price, I think it’d make for a good secondary chair. 

When I review the best office chairs for back pain, I think a lot about how the chair encourages movement, how it supports your back, and the adjustability options. This falls short on a lot of that, so I wouldn’t suggest it being a chair that you would work long hours on… but I still really like it! And for £300, it’s definitely good value for money. Let’s dive into the details of the Nubi.