There has been a slight change in the UX Design editorial team. Unfortunately, Francisco Inchauste is stepping down from the UX Editor role to pursue new opportunities. We’d like to introduce you to our new editor, Chui Chui Tan, who will continue to publish high-quality articles in this section. Whilst we wish Francisco only the best in his new adventures, we hope you’ll continue supporting and enjoying the future articles published in this section.

User Experience (UX) design is a broad field. It’s not just about usability, interaction design and information architecture, it also involves various domains such as psychology, strategy, copywriting, management, ergonomics, SEO, social media and so on. We strive to improve our users’ experience regardless of who they are (children, teenager or elderly), where they are (indoor or outdoor; US, Europe or Asia), what they use (desktop, tablet, mobile) and which channels they are on (online/digital or offline/physical).

In this UX Design section, we hope to serve our readers who are from different fields: researchers, consultants, designers, developers, business analysts, project managers, business strategists, and many more. We aim to provide you with a range of articles including practical tips that you can immediately apply to your jobs and best practice recommendations from industry experts. You will also discover surprising findings from the latest case studies and insights into areas with which you might be less familiar.

Introducing Chui Chui:

Chui Chui is Director of International Research at cxpartners, working with clients to understand their customers in every corner of the world. She has been working in usability and user centred design for over a decade. Her background is in product design, working with Panasonic in Malaysia, and she has a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from Queens University Belfast.

She is frequently invited to speak at conferences in China, the US, and Europe, and has authored several publications. You can find Chui Chui on Twitter.

Chui Chui Tan
“I’ve been a writer and reviewer for Smashing Magazine for many years. Being on both sides of the fence, I was well aware how much hard work is involved by everyone, especially the Smashing Magazine team, in making sure the published articles are of high quality.
Smashing Magazine has built a fantastic reputation in publishing great articles for its readers around the world over the last 6 years (since 2006). With UX becoming increasingly popular, the UX Design section was created in September 2011 and has been well received ever since.
We need you, the knowledgable authors, to share your expertise and experience; we need you, the great reviewers, to help us to ensure articles are high quality; and we need you, the smart readers, to continue enjoying and supporting the articles we publish. Without you, nothing could happen.
I hope you’ll enjoy the coming articles in this section. It’s going to be great, or as Vitaly always says, ‘It’s going to be smashing!'”

If you’d like to contribute and share your useful knowledge with our readers, please contact us. If there are topics that you would like us to cover, we’d also love to hear from you!

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