ELLE France has replaced what we once adored and cherished about Emmanuelle Alt’s Vogue Paris. The French weekly regularly drops issues with fashion models on their covers and just about every cover feels like a total breath of fresh air – especially when compared to its competitors like Vogue France.
The title’s biannual ‘Spécial Mode’ edition is here for the Fall 2023 season and following last season’s triumphant Anna Ewers installment, we’re granted not one but two models as cover stars on this occasion. Give it up for none other than Gisele Bündchen and Malika Louback who grace us with their presence, posing across three unique and collectable covers shot by photographer Chris Colls. Styled by former Vogue Paris fashion editor Geraldine Saglio, Gisele can be found on her two covers sporting looks from Miu Miu (teamed with Loewe boots) and Alaïa while Malika is captured outside the wall of the photographic studio and gazes down Colls’ lens wearing Christian Dior.

Elle France August 31, 2023 : Gisele Bündchen & Malika Louback by Chris Colls

The moment the covers dropped, our forums were ablaze with conversation. “The Alaïa cover (below) is lovely!” exclaimed thiago.
“As I’ve come to expect from ELLE France, this has given me more than what every single edition of Vogue combined has given me over the past TWO months. This just reeks of fashion to me, oh so perfect for one of the magazine’s ‘spécial mode’ issues. Throw in a model like Gisele and we have ourselves a real cause for celebration!” raved vogue28.
“Personally, I just casually love how every year for the fashion issue, ELLE France just casually gets a big name. This is a weekly magazine and when Vogue France has Dua Lipa, Vogue UK has a 90s nostalgia, American ELLE has Zendaya, ELLE France shows that it matters and also has an iconic model,” noted Lola701.
Not everyone, however, was so forthcoming regarding Gisele’s covers. “Same old, same old, clean make up, eye covered by hair gimmick and 2 default hairstyles,” avonlea002 critiqued.
“That first cover is a hot mess not even sure how that got approved,” said Urban Stylin.
Bertrando3 voiced: “WHYYYYYYYY have they chosen this depressing shot of Gisele? I love her but this isn’t a good cover!”

Elle France August 31, 2023 : Gisele Bündchen & Malika Louback by Chris Colls

Check out the fashion extravaganza ELLE France has given us this week, in all its wonderful glory and share your very own thoughts with us, here.

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