If I had to choose one plant to add to your potting list this year, hands down it’s the Geranium.

While other cultures (from Scandinavian to Italian) have embraced this deliciously scented classic for decades or longer, here in the States, it’s always been seen as a bit of a ‘common’ flower. But thanks to the surge in cottage-inspired interiors (aka cottagecore!), and the plant’s associations with this style, the Geranium is finding new fandom as of late.

I credit my love of this flower to John Derian, who perfectly showcases how lovely and wild these blooms can be…

(via domino)

john derian bathroom geranium

Until seeing his leggy versions of this usually pruned houseplant, I had no idea they could wind and climb this way! There are also so many more varieties than I’d previously realized. Recently I got my hands on a scented geranium – this one smells like nutmeg – but they come in all sorts of scents like rose, peppermint, apple, and more. The scented geraniums appear more like the one below, with completely different types of leaves.

john derian geraniums on mantel2

Another gent to follow for geranium content is Carlos Garcia

potted geranium vignette by carlos garcia

I love how most people stick to potting their geraniums in classic terra cotta planters! Here, Carlos has them clustered in an entryway table, and I love seeing the different styles all together. Regular geraniums also have an incredible earthy scent (it’s one of my favorites!) and I can imagine how wonderful this grouping smells as it greets guests.

But perhaps the most impressive of Carlos’ collection is this giant beauty…

I can’t wait until mine start growing this crazy!

Another benefit to these beauties is their gorgeous variegated leaves that create visual interest all on their own. I love the way that Jack Laver Brister has them scattered throughout his home.

Regardless of size, type or scent, geraniums are hearty and easy to take care of, so a good flower to consider if you fail with finicky plants. Plus, they make such a lovely statement in front of a sunny window, like James Coviello has here. (Sidenote, I’m obsessed with this trim color!

james coviello geranium in bedroom

Are you convinced you need some geraniums in your life, yet? I’ve been collecting a variety of them to sell at our next pop up shop – complete with terra cotta pots, of course, so if you’re in Seattle, mark your calendars for April 22nd-24th, and come on by to get your fix!

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