To be clear, the best laptops for writers don’t need to be expensive. They don’t need  to have a beautiful OLED screen and enough power under the hood to create a AAA game. The best laptops for writing need a really great keyboard; they need to turn on and be ready to take your words immediately; and they need a great battery that you don’t have to worry about. Add to that good value, and you’re looking at a Chromebook. That’s why chosen the $200 Acer Chromebook 314 as our top pick. 

For those that need the above, and a bit more, we’ve also got you covered. If you demand a beautiful screen that’s easy on the eyes when tapping away for several hours at a time, we’ve got an option. And let’s also presume that you’ll want to move about with it, so portability is important as well. Well, we’ve considered all these factors, in order of importance, to bring you a pretty solid list of possibilities. 

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