We’ve already reviewed the 13-inch version of Apple’s brand new M4 iPad Pro, exploring its powerful potential for digital artists and creatives. But there’s also, of course, a more diminutive 11-inch version, which trades pixels for portability.

With the release of the M4 iPad Pro, if you want the best chip Apple has to offer, then for the first time ever you’ll have to buy a tablet. That’s because the iPad Pro has leapfrogged the Mac to become the first Apple product featuring the M4 chip. But while the 13-inch model offers a huge digital canvas for artists, the 11-inch version leverages Apple’s thinnest design ever to become the ultimate portable computer-that’s-not-a-computer. But is it still one of the best drawing tablet options?

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iPad Pro (M4, 2024) Geekbench 6 benchmark scoring
Header Cell – Column 0 CPU single-core CPU GB multi-core GPU Metal score
iPad Pro M4 16GB 3,656 14,662 53,252
iPad Air M2 8GB 2,622 9,172 30,563
iPad Pro M1 16GB 2,385 8,780 33,104