SanDisk claims that their new Desktop SSD range provides revolutionary speeds and immense capacities. “Small enough to fit on your desk. Powerful enough to transform your workflow,” is their statement, and when we first realised that the SanDisk Desk Drive SSD 8TB comes in a relatively diminutive box, not really any larger than an external SSD, housed a device with 8TB of capacity, we were impressed. There’s also a 4TB version, but even if you opt for the slightly cheaper model, SanDisk are offering a lot of file storage here in a very small package.

The product is designed to meets the needs of both casual users and professionals requiring substantial storage with swift access speeds. In this review, we’ll investigate their speed claims and test how living with the drive has been over the past few weeks. We’ll also look more into who this device is marketed towards, and whether that matches up to who we think it’s for, and of course how it matches up against the best external hard drives out there.

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Capacity: 4TB/8TB
Compatibility: macOS 11+, Windows 10+ (exFAT formatted for compatibility)
Connector: USB-C or USB-A adaptor available, power supply
Dimensions: 99.2 x 99.2 x 40.2mm
Warranty: 3-year limited warranty