Glastonbury Festival 2024 is in full swing at Worthy Farm, promising five days of music, pagan rituals and toilet horror stories. People might be questioning the lineup this year (as every year), but who goes to Glasto for the lineup? The festival is as legendary for what happens away from the main stage as much as for any big names who might happen to play. And the 2024 Glastonbury Festival logo and poster design perfectly encapsulates that.

Glastonbury is so famous, and tickets sell so fast, that it perhaps doesn’t need to do much in terms of brand design, and often it hasn’t. Glastonbury logos and posters have ranged from the iconic to the unreadable over the years (see our pick of the best and worst further below), and yet the festival has forged a recognisable visual identity while avoiding modernising too far (see our roundup of the best poster designs for more inspiration).