Most digital artists are familiar with using a stylus paired with one of the best drawing tablets to create a masterpiece, but now there’s a new kind of tech in the form of VR stylus pens. But what are they? And who are they for? We’re about to explain as we take a deep dive into VR stylus’ and how they can be used to transform your workflow in both 2D and 3D spaces. 

Working with 3D modelling software and apps can sometimes be tricky, and a great way to better visualise your projects is by viewing them through one of the best VR headsets. With that said, a lot of companies in the 3D art and design space are now attempting to blur the lines between working IRL as well as in virtual reality with new tools and applications to promote a full 360 experience. Both Wacom and Logitech have VR stylus coming soon.