The retro diner chain Perkins Restaurant and Bakery has launched a major rebranding as it aims to stay relevant, but it’s not going overly modern on us. Rather the new name, new logo, restaurant redesign and revamped menu all aim to channel its legacy while reminding customers that it exists. And the results shows that it’s possible to modernise while also putting a an emphasis on tradition.


The new Perkins logo (right) looks both more classic and more modern than the previous design (Image credit: Old and new Perkins logo)

“Perkins is an American-born brand where hospitality comes to life for the eclectic tastes of today’s adventurous diners. We are bringing the same soul, with a new attitude,” said Perkins American Food Co president Toni Ronayne,. “Our rebrand is way more than a new logo and descriptor. This is a declaration of our values, our food and our roots, by showing how modern American hospitality comes to life. We’re always stepping forward and evolving, just like the communities we serve.”