Making a 3D character based on a concept is a classic way for artists to learn new tools and upgrade their skills, but creating your own design from scratch is even more challenging for stepping up your art style. To help you get a handle on that process, let me show you how I create a unique character. 

My personal project here is a tribute to World of Warcraft and features a goblin fit for use in a cinematic. We’re going to cover all the steps and tools you can use, starting from sculpting with ZBrush, exploring techniques to optimise your model and setting up a smart material in Substance 3D Painter, before finishing our journey rendering the character with Cycles in Blender.

Black and white headshot photograph of Creative Bloq contributor Nicolas Guillet
Nicolas Guillet

Nicolas is a French character artist in the games industry, specialising in stylised creations and following a traditional mindset. He enjoys creating 3D art with catchy mood and ambience.