Procedural modelling has been on the rise in recent years, with Houdini leading the charge as the go-to software for proceduralism and VFX. But other 3D content creation tools are catching up and offering their own solutions. During this year’s Game Developers Conference, Epic Games unveiled its new in-house tool, Procedural Content Generation (PCG), within Unreal Engine 5, sparking discussions and inspiring new creative works. 

PCG empowers artists to establish rules for generating environments procedurally in the Unreal Editor, allowing for real-time adjustments. Despite still being in its early stages, PCG presents a compelling alternative to Houdini and Houdini Digital Assets due to its integration and elimination of the need for additional software. 

Black and white headshot photograph fo Creative Bloq contributor Jingtian Li
Jingtian Li

Jingtian is a professor at the University of the Incarnate Word, specialising in 3D art, programming, and indie game development.