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Three of the best laptops for photo editing on a purple background

(Image credit: Future / Apple / Asus / Microsoft)

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1. Best overall: MacBook Air 15
2. Best screen: Asus ProArt OLED
3. Best 2-in-1: Surface Studio 2
4. Most portable: ZenBook S13
5. Most powerful: MacBook Pro M3
6. Best budget: Vivobook Pro 16
7. Best gaming: Predator Helios 16
8. Biggest screen: Dell XPS 17
9. Most versatile: Zenbook Duo
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The best laptops for photo editing provide the power to run resource-intensive software such as Photoshop without breaking a sweat. They also boast high-resolution, colour-accurate displays so you can see everything clearly and in detail. And best of all, they’re light and compact, so you can just stick them in your bag and go.

Dell Precision 5470

Dell Precision 5470
We found this powerful laptop handles photo editing and more with ease. We experienced no lag with 3D rendering, and it can give the MacBook Pro a run for its money.
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Framework is harder to find, but it could be worth it as a sustainable investment since it’s designed to be easy to take it apart and swap components. That means it can keep up with changes as internal components improve, and the demands of editing software increase, which may happen as more AI tech is incorporated.
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Acer Swift Edge 16

Acer Swift Edge 16
Our reviewer’s verdict was that the Acer Swift Edge 16 is an excellent all-around laptop. It strikes a fine balance between power and portability, and is surprisingly light and agile for a 16-inch laptop. While it’s not built for the beefiest of 3D rendering tasks or video editing, it is still capable of handling image-editing tasks with ease.
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