Brad Peyton’s Atlas starring Jennifer Lopez has made a big impact on Netflix, and part of that is thanks to the epic VFX from MPC. The visual effects company has just released its VFX breakdown reel for the sci-fi movie, and it’s provided insights into how it created some of the most complex sequences.

Some 825 artists delivered 266 shots covering a wide variety of work. Led by Production VFX Supervisor Lindy DeQuattro and VFX Producer Blondel Aidoo, MPC’s team created full CG environments, set extensions, spaceships, digital doubles, and FX simulations for massive battle sequences. Below, VFX supervisor Luc-Ewen Martin-Fenouillet reveals some of the challenges the team faced and the solutions they came up with for another example of how small-screen VFX are approaching the level of the best VFX movies.