The Atari 2600+ is nostalgic treat for video game fans, and now even the price has us feeling nostalgic because Amazon UK has knocked more than third off in an exclusive deal, reducing the Atari 2600+ from £99.99 to £65.80.

This throwback emulator retains its spot in our guide to the best retro gaming consoles as the top pick for Atari fans. In our Atari 2600+ review, we praised the impeccable authenticity of the console’s design and Atari’s gloriously analogue take on the mini console trend, adding the ability to play 7800 games too.

Atari 2600+
From: £99.99
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Atari 2600+
£65,80 at Amazon UK
Save: $34.19

Overview: The Atari 2600+ captures the look and feel of the classic Atari 2600 console in compact, updated form that’s easy to use with modern TVs. It can play original cartridges, making it a treat of collectors. 

Key features:  Designed to look like 4-switch Atari 2600 | Plays Atari 7800 games | Wide screen mode | Includes 10-in-1 game cartridge and CX40+ Joystick Controller | Can be used with original carts.

Price history: This emulator has seen regular discounts over the past four months, but this is close to the cheapest price on record, which was £59.95 for one day only last month.

Reviews: We gave the Atari 2600+ four stars in our own review. We loved the authentic woodgrain design and found almost no latency issues. Our sister site GamesRadar also gave it four out of five stars.