When it comes to trends, it’s typically nostalgia that shapes the cyclical patterns we see emerging time and time again. Just as the ’90s and Y2K have had a massive influence on recent design trends through millennial kitsch colour palettes and retro 90s-inspired web design, the 2010s look set to be the next decade to start making a comeback in branding.

While it really wasn’t long ago, the 2010s was a decade of eclectic and evolving aesthetics from indie sleaze and moodier grunge revival, to twee indie and hipster trends inspired by the ’60s and ’70s. These were the years that the internet totally transformed popular culture thanks to platforms like Tumblr and Instagram gaining traction. Tumblr in particular laid the foundations for social media as we know it today, bringing subcultures and fandoms into the mainstream in new, globally accessible ways that celebrated community and shared creativity.