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Three of our favourite AI laptops.

(Image credit: Future)

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1. Best for design: ASUS Zenbook
2. Best for video: HP OmniBook X (pre-order)
3. Dual screens: Zenbook Duo
4. Best for security: HP EliteBook (pre-order)
5. Work on move: HP Spectre x360
6. Best minimalist: Dell XPS 14
7. Best for games: Alienware m16
8. MacBook Pro alt: ASUS ROG
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The best AI laptops are something that a lot of creative professionals are looking at right now. As the name suggests, this new breed of computers are purpose-built to harness the power of AI and machine learning capabilities, directly on the hardware level. This is all handled by neural processing units (NPUs), which can perform trillions of operations per second (TOPS), enabling them to run large language models and generative AI tasks locally without relying on the cloud.