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The logos of three of the best AI art generators on a purple background

(Image credit: Future / Adobe / Midjourney / OpenAI)

The list in brief ↴
1. Best overall: Adobe Firefly
2. Best photo realism: Midjourney
3. Easiest to use: DALL-E 2
4. Open source: Stable Diffusion
5. Best plugin: Vision FX 2.0
6. Best for video: Runway
7. Best free: Craiyon
8. Best for craft: CF Spark
9. Best for 3D: Masterpiece X
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The best AI art generators remain controversial for several reasons, and they have both fans and detractors. Their output can be seen on many social media platforms, and many creatives are experimenting with including them in their workflows to different degrees and for different reasons, whether it’s for exploring ideas or creating finished pieces. 

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